Legal Advocacy Workshops
Training Lawyers to Speak Human


"This program is the biggest asset this firm has to offer young associates.  I would come here just because of this program.”

“Effective and engaging.”

“Our associate learned a number of extremely helpful techniques during your session, which have benefited him already.”

“I really think this is the best first year training program at the firm.”


“The workshop binder was very useful. I wish my law school gave me something like this.”

 “My memorandum was much more polished, directed and precise after I revised it as Marie suggested.”

“Very helpful. Ilissa’s knowledge of securities law helped me structure my memo in a way that was sensible.”

“The detailed constructive feedback was extremely helpful as was the opportunity to ask general questions about writing, interacting with others on a case team and working at a firm. Comments were more detailed than partners’ and associates’ feedback. ”

“My memos seemed magically transformed into much clearer documents once revised based on Marie’s comments. The advice, moreover, could be applied later to other memos.”

 “I haven’t felt more comfortable with anyone else here … no exaggeration.”

“Marie gave highly detailed and perceptive comments on both substance and style. Very thorough critiquing.”

 “Very helpful. Ilissa provided fresh perspective and advice and helped me troubleshoot problem areas.”

“Rarely do attorneys give so much detail in their edits.”


“A great resource.”

“ I learned more in two hours with Marie than in two years at law school.”