Legal Advocacy Workshops
Training Lawyers to Speak Human
One-to-One Coaching

In our one-to-one coaching sessions, we meet individually with clients to review a project from their actual practice for style, structure and substance. Through detailed analysis of a single work, clients learn concrete techniques for rigorous self-editing. 

We are passionate about one-to-one coaching and have worked individually with over one thousand lawyers of all levels and abilities. Marie Buckley handles litigation-type editing and Ilissa Povich handles transactional editing. Our goal is to teach the skills for self-editing through rigorous analysis of a single paper. Our coaching sessions are a highly effective tool for nurturing legal talent and our clients universally find these sessions to be both perceptive and motivational.

The Editing Process

Before a session , each lawyer submits a project for review. We edit each project as lawyers—not as the grammar police. We focus on the substance and structure of the legal argument, although we also edit for plain English and usage. First, we do a line-by-line edit for plain English and clarity. Second, we do a substantive review for logic and structure. Finally, we review for balance, tone, persuasiveness and integrity.

Our Comments

After completing our line-by-line edit, we summarize our comments and suggest concrete techniques for improving not only each paper but also each writer’s style. We provide  both the line-by-line edit and more general Take-Away comments.

The Meetings

Our meetings focus on the substantive issues each paper presents, rather than abstract writing techniques. We question. We listen. We offer positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism. We work with each lawyer to find the structure and arguments that make each paper work and to build on existing skills. Meetings are constructive—and friendly. Absolutely no lawyers are harmed during our meetings!