Legal Advocacy Workshops
Training Lawyers to Speak Human
At Legal Advocacy Workshops, we specialize in training top legal talent. Since 1996, we have shown more than one thousand lawyers how to sharpen their advocacy and writing skills. We teach concrete writing techniques and a confident, modern style of writing that today's clients and judges appreciate and demand. And the techniques we suggest apply to all forms of written communication, from memoranda and briefs to email and blogs.

We offer both group workshops and one-to-one coaching. Our programs are proven tools for developing legal talent and they consistently earn rave reviews.

The American Bar Association recently published our book, The Lawyer's Essential Guide to Writing: Proven Tools and Techniques and it has been one of the ABA's top titles since it was released. It's been hailed as "entertaining and enlightening" and even "delightful."

Our blog, A Lawyer's Guide to Writing, is not nearly as boring as it sounds. Subscribe for weekly (or not-so-weekly) tips that will help improve all your written communication.